Meet Parameter's Co-Founders

Meet Parameter's Co-Founders

In the first of our website articles, we thought it was about time we introduced ourselves properly! So it's time to meet Parameter’s co-founders: Scott Hircombe and Dan Kraines.

Can you tell us how Parameter started?

D: Sure. Parameter was a byproduct of my freelancing work. I had left my full time hospitality marketing job and started consulting for a few other brands. Lockdown hit and I used this as an opportunity to really try and scale with a bit more structure. That's when I was introduced to Scott, who was working in-house for a big agency at the time.

S: Yeah, meeting Dan during lockdown felt like a match made in heaven. I remember our first conversation, we spoke for hours one evening about our ideas and how we should work together one day. It didn't take long for me to leave my job and join Parameter full time as co-founder. It's been an amazing year so far!

What makes Parameter different?

S: We’re really proud of our approach to helping brands and businesses grow. Our clients choose us because we genuinely get excited about working together with them. We always see ourselves as an extension of their team.

D: Everything we do has a meaning. We’re obsessed with showing our clients what they can achieve by pairing paid with organic marketing. Scott and I both have significant experience in each side of the business and Parameter combines that to provide a streamlined solution for our clients.

What's the biggest lesson you've learnt so far?

S: Patience. Don’t stress. Everything works itself out in the end. Just keep putting in the work, show up every day, be positive and good things will come.

D: I was literally about to say the same thing! Patience is key.

What's next for Parameter?

D: It’s really all about growth for Parameter. I’m not just talking about winning new work. We want to keep building relationships with our existing clients and help them to achieve amazing things.

S: Also it's about development through learning. There’s no growth if you feel too comfortable. So over the next few years we need to keep pushing our own boundaries, both personally and as a business.



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