5 Tips To Master Sales Season

5 Tips To Master Sales Season

The sales season gives e-commerce brands the opportunity to launch bold promotional offers, gain new customers and generate revenue.

In 2021, an estimated £9.2bn was spent by British consumers on Black Friday alone. In this blog, we offer 5 tips for building a strong marketing strategy so your brand can make the most out of this sales season.

1. Plan In Advance

The end of the year is a hectic time for many businesses, especially with Black Friday, Christmas and New Years looming in a short space of time. We advise organising your marketing strategy weeks in advance, including preparing content, landing pages, fine-tuning your user experience, and assessing stock availability. Brief your relevant departments, schedule regular updates and ensure everyone is well aligned and working towards a target date.

2. Create Content That Stands Out

With more businesses participating in Black Friday weekend each year and promoting their sales, fighting for eyeballs and traffic to your website is fiercer than ever. To maximise your awareness and generate sales, your social media content needs to stand out from competitors. You might consider testing out different tones of voice, using props in your content, or trying new social formats, to name a few.

3. Prepare Internally for New Customers

The sales season sees a significant spike in orders for businesses around the country, so make sure you have reinforced the back-end operations of your business ahead of time. The last thing you want is an influx of orders from new customers and poor customer service. After all, repeat customers are the lifeblood of most e-commerce businesses!

4. Focus On Building Your Audience Year-Round

Smart brands will use the first part of the year to build and nurture a loyal customer base, who will then be more receptive to your sales campaigns. These customers will also act as social proof on your website and be your biggest brand advocates throughout the sales season. To build your audience during the year, prioritise brand campaigns in quieter months where there is less competition and less noise!

5. Don’t Be Overly Aggressive With Your Strategy

During the sales season, some brands can appear too desperate for customers. Keep your brand’s integrity and don’t over-promote during this time. Yes, it’s a great opportunity to reach new customers but you don’t have to be running a massive sale to stand out from the competition. Think like your customer…What would you think of a brand that’s throwing discount after discount in your direction?

Over To You…

Despite sales season being the most lucrative calendar period, you cannot rely on it exclusively. Spend time nurturing relationships with your existing customer base and focus on turning one-time purchasers, who already know and love your product, into long-term brand advocates.



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